FAQ (English)

How Do I Buy a Ticket?

All tickets are purchased through the Weverse Shop App. If you don’t have the app on your device, please search “Weverse shop” in the “App store” or “ Google Play store” and install it. 
Note: Both the Weverse app and the Weverse Shop app ask you to choose a language when you first open the app.

How To Login

1. Go to the Concert event page for the concert you purchased a ticket for and click login in the top right of the page

2. A popup will appear, and you will be asked to log in with your Weverse Shop account email and password on the concert page. 

Note: If you are having issues logging into your Weverse Shop using saved login information, please try manually typing in your email and password.

3. Click “Validate Ticket” 

Common Issues:

  • If you are trying to log in with @icloud.com or @gmail.com email address and you are not seeing your ticket when attempting to validate it, try clicking the Google or Apple logos at the bottom of the popup to login directly instead. 
  • If you're seeing a black screen, your OS or browser version may be outdated. Please update the OS and browser to the latest version and try again.
  • Issues specific to your Weverse Shop account should be addressed within the WeverseShop app. Tap the “More” button and choose “Customer Service” to access live chat support. 
  • If you have multiple accounts on Weverse Shop, Pls make sure, you’re trying to login with the same weverse shop account (email) and password when you have purchased a ticket. 
  • If you failed to login or validate a ticket, pls retry it with other network (WiFi or LTE connections)
  • If you logged in successfully, but are not able to see the ticket box on the right even if you already have a ticket purchased. You should check your time clock on your machine (pc, laptop, tv, etc…) and need to set the time correctly.
  • If you try to log in to Weverse unsuccessfully too many times, it will show an error message. Please wait before attempting to log in again. If you are still having issues, try changing your password or contacting Weverse Shop support.
  • The "Enter" button will be activated 1 hour before the performance when the countdown timer is complete. Click the button to enter the concert page. 
    • Note: The enter time may be different from the concert start time if there is a preshow. Be sure to check the countdown for exact details.   
  • If you are still having trouble, you need to contact support (concerts.support@kiswe.com), please include your order confirmation, type of devices, OS & Browser version and WeverseShop ID.
Which internet browsers can I use to watch the show?
For the best possible viewing experience, please ensure that your device meets the following system requirements:

  • Operating System: Mac OS 10.12 + / Windows 7+
  • Mobile OS: iOS 13.6+ / Android 8+
  • Browser: Chrome 97+ / Safari 13.1.2+ / Firefox 39+ / Edge 97+
  • Internet Speed: Minimum of 20Mbps for optimal playback
  • Note: We recommend using Edge, Safari, Samsung Browser, or Firefox for a stable viewing experience. Variances in your local network and other external factors may impact your viewing experience even if your speed is typically 20Mbps or higher.

I have logged onto the page after purchasing the ticket, but it says that I don’t have a ticket

  • For log in matters, please make sure that the Weverse Shop account that you purchased the ticket on and the Weverse account that you have logged into are the same. You must log onto the same Weverse account that you used to purchase the concert ticket in order to validate your ticket and view the show.
  • If tickets were purchased by logging into the Weverse shop with a social media account(Apple, Twitter, Google), you must log into the same social media account for the concert link. Ticket verification may fail if logged into a Weverse account with different account.

I purchased the ticket and have logged on, but I can’t enter the show
Make sure that you are logged into your Weverse account that you purchased your ticket with to access your event. When it is time for the event to start, you will see the “Enter” button appear on the page. Click the “Enter” button on the event’s page to take you into the event. Also, please check that the time clock on your device (pc, laptop, tv, etc…)  is accurate. If it is not, please set it to the correct time.

How do I change my Username?
Your username will be visible during the event if you choose to participate in the chat. Your username can be changed by clicking on it in the upper-right hand corner of the homepage and selecting "Change Username"

Note: Usernames cannot be changed during events

How can I watch the show on my TV?

You can connect your computer or mobile device to your TV or a larger screen using HDMI, Chromecast or AirPlay. Please refer to the instructions below:

Connecting your TV via HDMI

You are allowed to connect your Mobile / Tablet / PC to your TV or Monitor using an HDMI cable. Please make sure your TV or Monitor supports high-speed HDMI. When your TV or Monitor is connected, make sure your mobile device's 'Auto Rotation Lock' is turned OFF and make sure auto rotation is enabled. If it is not, you will not be able to watch the concert in full screen. 

Using a Smart TV

Not all Smart TVs are not supported, but they may still be able to view the event depending on the type of television. If you are trying to use a Smart TV to watch these events, we suggest you try accessing the event as soon as virtual doors open to ensure this works for your specific TV. Note: All Samsung TVs use different browsers (TIGEN, Samsung, chrome…), but TIGEN and Samsung browsers will not be supported. If your TV uses either of those browsers, please use ChromeCast, HDMI, or Airplay for the full screen view.

Chromecast / Casting Instructions
  • On an Android device
    • You need the following to cast to a larger screen:
      • Chromecast, Chromecast Ultra, or a TV / Streaming device with built-in Chromecast
      • Your mobile device must be on the same Wi-Fi network as the Chromecast device
    • After Entering the event, tap the video player
    • Tap the “Cast” icon.
    • Use the “Cast to” device selection panel to select which device you’d like to cast to
    • You should now begin casting on your desired screen. To stop, tap the “Cast” button again
  • On your Computer
    • You need the following to cast to a larger screen:
      • Chromecast, Chromecast Ultra, or a TV / Streaming device with built-in Chromecast
      • Your computer must meet the minimum system & internet requirements (see event page for more info on system requirements). Both devices must also be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
    • Cast from Google Chrome:
      • After entering the event, move your mouse to the video player. A set of controls will appear in the bottom right corner of the screen.
      • Click the “Cast” icon.
      • A popup will appear in the upper-right corner of the tab, and you will be able to choose which device to use for casting
      • Once selected, you should now see casting begin on your desired screen. 
        • If Chromecast is already in use, the contents displayed on the TV will be replaced with your contents.
      • To stop casting, click the “Cast” button again
    • NOTE: Casting from the “Customize and Control” menu in Google Chrome will not work. Casting must be initiated from the controls inside the video player itself, as outlined above.
Apple Airplay instructions
  • On an iOS device (iPhone, iPad, etc)
    • Connect your iOS device to the same Wi-Fi network that the Apple TV or Airplay-enabled device is connected to
    • After entering the event, tap the video to load the video player controls
    • Tap the “Airplay” icon to bring up the AirPlay selector menu
    • Select the device in the Airplay menu you wish to connect to, and tap it
    • Airplay should now begin casting the event to your Apple TV or Airplay-enabled device. 
    • To stop AirPlay, tap the “Airplay” icon again in the video player controls, and select your device at the top of the Airplay selector menu list.
  • On a Mac
    • NOTE: AirPlay on Mac will only work from the Safari web browser
    • Connect the Mac to the same Wi-Fi network that the Apple TV or AirPlay 2-enabled smart TV is connected to.
    • Click on the AirPlay icon in the video player controls
    • Select the Apple TV or AirPlay-enabled device in the list by checking the box next to it
    • If prompted for a 4-digit code, enter the code displayed on your Apple TV or AirPlay-enabled device in the box that appears
    • The event should now begin AirPlaying to your device. 
    • To stop AirPlay, click the AirPlay icon again, and select your device at the top of the Airplay selector menu list.

Can I re-watch the show after the live screening has finished? 
We don’t provide a VOD service, but there will be a delayed singleview stream (replay) that you can find on the event page. 

Can I watch the show on multiple devices simultaneously?
Each show has different policies for how many devices can watch a show simultaneously. Please check the "Ticket Validation and Viewing Guide" section of the show description for specific details. If an additional device above the device limit is connected, the first device will be logged out automatically and a warning message will be displayed.

Why is my video quality bad? / I want to change the video resolution.
The video quality of your stream is automatically selected based on your internet speed. If you would like to manually change your stream’s resolution, you may select it in the bottom right of the video player. You may experience stream interruptions if your internet connection is not fast enough for the selected video resolution.

Note: Changing video resolution manually is not available on iOS, and will be set to AUTO depending on the network connection speed and stability.

How do I view subtitles?
Click the icon in the bottom right of the video player, then select your desired subtitles.

There are 3 subtitle languages provided for this show: English, Japanese and Chinese.

How do I view the site in my language?
In the upper right corner, there is a Language Settings drop down to choose the desired language. Korean, Japanese, English and Chinese are currently supported. This will allow you to navigate the site and chat in your preferred language.

How do I watch from various camera angles?
There are two different ways to access the Multiview camera angles. The first is by clicking the different Cam buttons above the video player, where the available Cams are listed out.

The other is by hovering over the video player and using the Multiview Button on the right side.

This will display a video stream that has multiple camera angles to choose from. Clicking inside one of the boxes will take you to a Fullscreen view of that camera angle. You may click the Multiview button on any angle to take you back to the multi-camera view.

How do I interact with the virtual light Stick?
By tapping the virtual Light Stick on the bottom of the chat window, you can cheer up your artists

If I chat or interact with the virtual Light Stick, will the band be able to see?
Yes! the band will be able to see your chat messages by region and the light stick bursts around the world as they perform.

How can I get a refund for my ticket?
Please refer to the Weverse Shop Terms and Conditions for inquiries regarding ticket refunds. Please be advised that refunds are not permitted if you have already watched and accessed the video.

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